Episode #87 – Battle of the Bad Songs!

This week we’ve got our OWN take on “March Madness”, with the “Battle of the Bad Songs”! The gang has selected and ranked the most cringe-worthy of the bad songs we’ve previously featured on the show, and now those songs battle it out, bracket-style, to see WHICH song is the “Worst of the Bad Songs”! Featuring Fillet of Soul, Pat Boone, Terry Jacks, The DeFranco Family, and more!

And here’s the BEST part: YOU get to vote for YOUR favorite bad songs. Follow us on Twitter at @TPerkShow to vote EVERY DAY the week of April 3rd to help us crown a champion!

Also on this episode: Gary and Tony’s irrational fears; Gary was a bad student; and comedy from Brian Regan. Enjoy the show!