Episode #69 – Gary Stein, All-American Hero

On this show, Gary tells an AMAZING story about how he was unexpectedly called into duty recently during an emergency, and how he reacted has Tony calling him a “hero”. Then, Tony tells a story and shows how he himself….is….well….only heroish.

Also on this episode: Musician, record producer, and all-around renaissance man MARK HUDSON! Mark has written for and produced some of the greats, including Aerosmith (he co-wrote their hit “Livin’ on the Edge”), Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ringo Starr! Plus….he was one of The Hudson Brothers, stars of mid-70s TV and radio (“So You Are a Star”)! Mark is a great guy and is very, very funny.

Plus: Another musical selection from Rob Ford; a very nice encounter with Carol Burnett; and a segment called “Why Are People Hatin’ on Phil Collins So Much?”

It’s ANOTHER fun-filled episode!