Episode #183 – Gone Too Soon

Believe it or not, we’re BACK with an ALL NEW episode! And it only took a little over two years! In this episode, Tony and Gary reveal recent near-tragedies: one involving Gary’s dog, the other involving Tony and…well, you’ll have to listen. Plus, remembering some entertainment legends that we’ve recently lost; weird deaths; the game show “Who Said It?”; cool new music; and….Rob Ford gets married! For real!

We hope you enjoy the show! We’ve missed you.

Encore Presentation: MORE Love, Sex, and Show Tunes!

As the boys are on a well-deserved vacation, we present this episode that originally aired in February 2015. It features the FIRST appearance of Angela Stribling on the show. She, of course, is the host of WHUR-FM’s Pillow Talk with Angela, the late-night show that features frank talk about love, sex, and relationships. Angela answers Tony and Gary’s questions about those topics and more. Of course, things get heated and quite silly–especially when Rob Ford chimes in with HIS questions!

Plus: Can show tunes help you heal???

This episode is rated “R”!

(Pillow Talk with Angela can now be heard Monday through Friday nights at midnight on Washington D.C.’s 96.3 WHUR-FM, and regularly on Sirius/XM Channel 141, HUR Voices.)

The Tony Perkins Show – Episode #33 – May Pang

May Pang was John Lennon’s girlfriend from late 1973 to early 1975, while Lennon was separated from his wife, Yoko Ono. In fact, it was Ono who set the two up! In this warm and illuminating conversation, May describes what the time that Lennon later described as his “Lost Weekend” was really like. She details just how creative he was during this time (the LPs “Mind Games”, “Walls and Bridges”, and “Rock and Roll” are from this period). Even more significantly, she talks about helping Lennon re-establish his relationships with his first son, Julian, and with Paul McCartney. Amazing stuff!

Also: Tony and Gary talk about the essence of male competition, road-rage, and throwing out your back!

Episode #26 – What’s It All About, Belfie?

The guys discuss the “Age of the Belfie”, and Tony, unfortunately, takes one of his own. Also: Gary tells about a star-studded party he attended when he was fifteen (!), with special guest ROBB SPEWAK providing the much-needed play-by-play! Plus: Quirky News, urinal cakes, a listener-suggested “What Were They Thinking?” starring Pat Boone, AND more amazing music from Mike Massé!

Episode #7 – Charlie Gibson

Legendary Broadcaster Charlie Gibson grants a rare, long-form interview on this episode of The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. Gibson worked with Perkins and Stein from 1999-2005 on ABC’s Good Morning America alongside Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. Perkins and Gibson reminisce about compelling moments they shared at GMA (both good and bad) in a witty, yet honest tone that suggests (in the words of Charlie Gibson) “adversity builds collegiality”. Plus, YouTube music sensation Mike Massé!