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Episode #184 – Happy Holidazed!

The gang’s all here to celebrate the holidays and say goodbye to 2020 in style! This episode features two “amazing” celebrity guests; Christmas memories from Tony, Gary, and Rob; some of the best AND worst holiday songs of all time; a new “adventure” from Gary; and Tony’s recent health woes. 

Thanks for hangin’ in there with us through thick and thin. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours, and we’ll see you in 2021!

Episode #183 – Gone Too Soon

Believe it or not, we’re BACK with an ALL NEW episode! And it only took a little over two years! In this episode, Tony and Gary reveal recent near-tragedies: one involving Gary’s dog, the other involving Tony and…well, you’ll have to listen. Plus, remembering some entertainment legends that we’ve recently lost; weird deaths; the game show “Who Said It?”; cool new music; and….Rob Ford gets married! For real!

We hope you enjoy the show! We’ve missed you.

Episode #182 – Put the Nail In

The boys are back, after a three week hiatus, with a truly fun and special episode. Tony talks about the sudden passing of his Mom, and although it is really sad, you just know Gary can’t help but bring some humor to the conversation….much to Tony’s relief!

Plus: Cool music, a BIG announcement, and….”Rob really brings his wisdom to the show”. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. And be sure to listen ALL THE WAY to the end.


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Good morning! It’s time to #GetUpDC with your friends on @wusa9, including @AnnieYuTV, @DCAllisontv, @chesterlampkin, @MegMRivers and myself. See ya!

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